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Boiler Repair Hanwell

Boilers: An Essential Household Utility

Home is where the heart is but you also need household utilities for feeling comfortable in your home. Electricity, sewerage, gas, water, etc. are all essential utilities without which a household cannot function properly. Boilers fall into this category and ensure that you can perform basic household functions, especially during the winters. These include:

  • Washing your clothes
  • Washing your crockery
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Water supply for your central heating system

When it comes to boilers, you have the option of selecting from gas boilers and electric boilers. However, if your area has a regular gas supply, then gas boilers are preferred due to several reasons including cost/energy efficiency, low maintenance, higher heating capacity, etc.

Get the Services by Boiler Experts in Hanwell

We are a team of Gas Safe registered engineers and we provide all services related to gas boilers. Whether it is a new installation, repair, inspection, or Emergency Boiler Repair Hanwell, our engineers are available throughout the year to serve you. We are also authorized to provide you with an annual inspection of gas boilers and for issuance of a Landlord Gas safety certificate which is a compulsory requirement for property owners. Our boiler repair Hanwell services are available around the clock.

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    Repairs to Ensure Smooth Operations

    Boilers are usually long-lasting and do not require frequent repairs. This however depends on the quality of your boiler, quality of installation, and maintenance. One of the most significant benefits of carrying out regular inspections is that your engineer will identify problems before they occur. Regular inspection also keeps a safety check on your gas boiler. The common problems which boilers typically face include:

    • Leakage of natural gas or water.
    • Inefficient burning of gas leads to excessive carbon monoxide production.
    • Knocking
    • Boiler display errors
    Boiler Repair Hanwell


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    • Leakage of Natural Gas

    Natural gas is the fuel for your gas boiler. It is a combination of several gasses and is extremely inflammable. Gas leakage can be explosive if it comes in contact with fire. Call our Boiler Service Hanwell right away if you suspect there is any leakage of natural gas. Although naturally, it is odourless, however additives are used at various points to give it a particular smell so that it can be easily detected. Gas is also highly toxic. Excessive inhalation of natural gas especially in a confined place can lead to serious risks and even lead to death. Our Gas Boiler Service Hanwell is available 24/7 and 365 days a year for any life-threatening situation caused by natural gas.

    • Leakage of Hot Water

    If your piping is rusted or has not been fitted properly, you can face hot water leakage. This is again a serious issue and can hurt someone. Call our gas safe engineers for Boiler Repair in Hanwell to resolve it right away. Our engineers will trace the leakage and provide the necessary services.

    • Inefficient Combustion and Leakage of Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon monoxide is one of the by-products you get when you burn natural gas. Inefficient combustion of natural gas can release an excess of CO into the atmosphere. Leakage or excess CO cannot be detected because the gas has no odour. This is the reason why the installation of CO detectors/alarm systems is compulsory in many regions of the UK. Although the actual problem in the boiler may be a minor one at times inefficient combustion may be a sign that you need a boiler replacement. We also provide Boiler Replacement Hanwell and can help you get the best boiler in town.

    Reliable Services Providers

    You can rely on us because we provide:

    • Top-notch and high-tech latest gas boiler Installation in Hanwell.
    • High performing additional parts such as CO alarm systems/detectors.
    • Authorized and gas safe registered boiler repair Hanwell team.
    • Urgent services are available twenty-four seven and throughout the year.

    Our gas safe registered engineers can be reached simply by calling us on our registered number or online through our website.