Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Water Heating Systems

A solar thermal heating system is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy, it works in a similar way to solar PV, using daylight solar power energy to heat fluid in panels on your roof. This can then be used to supply heat to your general hot water system . Every solar heating system is individually designed to meet your specific requirements for use with all types of boilers and cylinders including combination boilers, to ensure maximum hot water production as efficiently as possible.

The panels do not require sunlight every day as the sun still provides an energy source when it hides behind the clouds; a useful point considering the UK climate. Similar to a ground source heat pump, solar panels can significantly reduce your energy consumption and utility costs, as well as add value to your home.

The cylindrical shape of evacuated tubes means that they are able to collect sunlight throughout the day and at all times in the year. Evacuated tube collectors are also easier to install as they are light, compact and can be carried onto the roof individually. What’s more, the tubes can be replaced individually if one becomes faulty, avoiding the need to replace the whole collector. The system is an efficient and durable system with the vacuum inside the collector tubes having been proven to last for over twenty years. The reflective coating on the inside of the tube will also not degrade unless the vacuum is lost.

Few reasons why you should switch to solar energy:

  • Saves you money:

Providing up to 60% of your hot water needs, it will directly offset your bills by that 60% figure.

  • Saves the environment:

Solar thermal energy helps reduce the emission of CO2 and therefore protects the environment.

  • Great return on Investment
  • Reduces dependency on oil or gas
  • Can be used to heat swimming pools
  • Adds value to your property

Our Solar solutions in London

1. Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors

The cylindrical pipes used in construction of the panels are well suited to absorbing energy from the sun, as a much greater surface area of each pipe is exposed to any available light. This makes the collectors particularly suitable for maximising solar gain, even at low light intensities, such as during the winter months when the sun is at its weakest.

Your advantages with vacuum tube collectors:

  • high selective absorber coating
  • always the perfect focal point due to the CPC reflector
  • high performance even when the lighting conditions are diffuse
  • tubes are easy to change, without draining the complete system
  • long operating life of the tubes, the vacuum is hermetically sealed against environmental influences

2. Solar Flat Plate Panels

High efficiency heat transfer appliance, pre-assembled and wired. Easy connections to and from collector(s), to and from tank. Protects collectors against freezing and keeps collectors free of hard water deposits for long life and high efficiency.

  • Modular and easy to install
  • Solid and clean appearance
  • Efficient counter flow design
  • Food-grade heat transfer fluid

Flat collectors can be mounted in a variety of ways, depending on the type of building, application, and size of collector.

Solar Thermal Flat Plate VS. Evacuated Tube Collectors

The solar heating collector’s job is simple – it sits in the sun, absorbs the heat, and transfers it to where you need it. To do this efficiently, solar heating collectors need to absorb – and retain – a large volume of sunlight every day. There are two main technologies that have both been time tested and accomplish this, and as a result there has been a practically endless debate over which is considered “best”. These two main technologies are the Solar Flat Panels, and Solar Evacuated Tubes.

Generally, evacuated tubes perform better in colder and/or cloudier conditions than their flat panel counterparts. This is because of the vacuum in the glass tube, which allows tube collectors to retain a high percentage of collected heat. They work well in freezing conditions where flat panels will not work.

Due to the self-tracking design of evacuated tube collectors, they collect heat fairly evenly throughout the day starting within minutes of sunrise. Flat panel collectors must collect nearly all of their heat in the middle part of the day.

Flat panel collectors – if damaged, will continue to function, and can at times be repaired. Other times, the entire flat panel must be replaced.

Evacuated tubes, on the other hand, are sealed with a vacuum. This gives them their high heat retention properties, however, without this vacuum an evacuated tube collector performs very poorly. If a tube were to lose it’s vacuum, it is generally very easy to correct, and can be done easily by simply replacing the tube.

Evacuated tubes are typically less sensitive to sun angle and orientation than their flat panel counterparts. Their circular design allows sunlight to pass at an optimal angle throughout the day – from morning to night.

Flat panel collectors are more sensitive to sun angle, and may require the use of racking systems, or other elevations to maximize their production.

When considering which technology to use, contact us directly. We will be glad to look at both technologies and see which is the best fit for your specific application.
Installing a solar heating system can be a big task and there can be many considerations, so we offer a FREE consultation to discuss the work required, parts to be ordered and are happy to outline the key benefits of opting for a renewable energy source to power your heating system. Free consultations for solar heating installations are available to home owners in the greater London area.

Solar heating installations

A&C Heating and Plumbing we offer Solar heating installations. Our team of highly trained renewable energy heating engineers are fully qualified to install Solar heating systems on a wide range of domestic properties.

  • Surveys, designs, quotes and advice for free
  • Clear advice on solar’s suitability and performance
  • Best practice design and installation standards
  • Advice and quotes for repairs to existing systems
  • Training and consultancy services

We offer all the support you need to understand your system, and how to get the best from it.

Renewable energy for existing homes

Increasingly householders are coming to understand the financial and environmental benefits of integrating renewable energy technologies within their homes.

We are all now aware of the need to cut back on carbon emissions, and it is because of this that the government is offering significant financial incentives to those adopting renewable energy sources.

A typical, correctly sized) domestic solar thermal system will provide around 70% of annual domestic hot water demand, generating savings on heating bills of £4-600 each year. The greatest savings are realised for larger homes and those with oil fuelled heating.

We are an independent company of qualified and expert solar installers, with many years’ building and plumbing experience.

Our already satisfied customers have praised our solar panel installation process as being seamless. Our fully trained engineers are on hand throughout the whole process to offer advice and answer any questions you may have throughout. We don’t want to install a product and leave you to get on with it; we think it’s important to be there for our customers so if you’re ready to make the switch to solar power then A&C Heating and Plumbing are ready to walk you through the process.

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